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The Colli Vaibò wine production company is based in Pozzolengo, one of the five municipalities where Lugana wine is produced, the crown jewel of the land of Brescia.
This land, where excellent grapes are produced, is firmly linked to the nearby Veneto region, which is one of the main wine producing regions.
In fact, the Lugana zone, as well as the aforementioned municipality of Pozzolengo, also crosses Desenzano, Sirmione, Lonato and the municipality of Peschiera, which is in the province of Verona.

The wine producers of these zones product excellent LUGANA whites, highly-prized sparkling wines and red wines.
The Gardesano soil is clayey, influenced by humidity, the abundance of water and the sun’s rays.
The ripening of the grapes of these lands is much favoured by the temperature ranges, which, during the year, create an extraordinary wealth of aromas and flavours.