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The history

The history of Colli Vaibò

The milestones that have marked the history of our company and our wine.


In the beginning

The company is run by Gianfranco Bulgarini. He is determined to focus on animal rearing and the cultivation traditional crops.


Diego and Gianfranco Bulgarini take the company in a new direction: they begin to convert their lands into vineyards. Around 70 hectolitres of wine are produced.


Part of the old farmhouse is renovated for use as a cellar and reception centre.

In the same year

The Colli Vaibò brand and the first personalised bottles are created. Lugana makes its debut.


Work begins to extend the areas to accommodate the volumes of wine being processed. New packaging is created with a new bottle and label still is use today.


The part of the cellar used for storage and where the pressing takes places is completed.


25 hectares of land are under cultivation

Annual production reaches 120,000 bottles.